Version 2.1.0 released

This update came a bit earlier then planed and with less features.
Main reason is because newchic changed how affiliate links are generated, so we rushed to comply with new algorithm

What's new

  • Added dhgate to the list of supported stores
  • Updated how newchic links are generated
  • Reorganized platforms in options
  • Added links to getting started guides for more popular platforms

DHGate added

DHGate is one of the larger and more popular Chinese stores. While they focus mostly on wholesale and B2B, you can still find individual products at great prices.
DHGate got a bit of a bad reputation recently, so be careful if you promote their products. But then again, people also complain a lot about Banggood and Gearbest, and our experience with those two sellers was always good

DHGate in action
DHGate in action

To see how to configure extension to work with DHGate check out configuration guide for DHGATE

Newchic changes

Newchic decided to change way how affiliate link should look.
They didn't bother to email affiliates about this change, so you have to login to your affiliate account to see this change. To make things worse, the expect from affiliates to update their old links.
Here is screenshot of message on their website:

message from newchic
message from newchic
Anyway, we updated our link generation algorithm to comply with new rules.
To see how to configure extension to work with newchic check out configuration guide for newchic

Updated documentation

We added documentation links for bigger stores. Now when in options, you can click to question mark next to platform name to open configuration guide for that platform.
Documentation is still work in progress, so check our <nuxt-link to="/docs>Documentation page often

Taste of things to come

We're actively working on our extension, so you can expect a lot of great new features in the future

Coming soon
Coming soon