Negative comments:

I recently had the unfortunate experience of working with Circlewise, an affiliate marketing company, and I must say it was a highly disappointing and frustrating experience. I found their behavior to be extremely scammy, with a blatant disregard for ethical practices.
One of the major issues I encountered with Circlewise was their tendency to lie about contractual conditions. They made promises that were clearly outlined in our agreement, but when it came time to deliver, they conveniently changed their stance, leaving me feeling deceived and cheated. This kind of dishonesty is unacceptable in any business relationship.
Furthermore, Circlewise seemed to go out of their way to trick me at every opportunity. They engaged in manipulative tactics to maximize their own profits while undermining my interests. It was clear that their main objective was to exploit clients rather than establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

Customer Positives:

Not only is Circlewise easy to install, it has a neat and multi-functional interface making it very user friendly. The clear detailed reports they offer are easy to interpret for new users along with a lot of exportable data. Having to only pay small commission fees of receivable income also makes Circlewise an affordable & effective solution for all businesses. Customer support is and has always been excellent during my calls with them as they are easy to work with. Another plus point is that they always give us smart and informative tips when it comes to the configurations of our campaigns.

Competitor remarks: