Negative comments:

Imagine building up an entire affiliate business over 5 years — and then GetAmbassador company comes in, and says "Things are going well? We're raising our prices. So now you have to pay a lot more money, otherwise we're going to shut down all your revenue and links" And that's what happened with GA. The process was very painful and unfriendly. I didn't hear back from support until I finally left a bad review, and then somehow I got a personal phone call on my cell sweet talking me to take down the review. Just really hurt from this company, and this is your warning not to work with them.

Customer Positives:

David L.
Consumer Goods, 1-10 employees
Multi-campaign capabilities, dashboard, great referral platform and works very well as an affiliate platform as well. We also really liked the versatility in payment methods, including cash (paypal, bank transfer, dwolla), gift cards, store coupons, voucher codes. We also felt the customer on-boarding and on-going support were excellent!

Competitor remarks: